As part of the Health & Safety Policy of the Society, all members are required to adhere to Procedures written and approved by the Committee. These Procedures are reviewed as needed and are displayed in the Observatory Hallway. The Committee has realised that members have other things to interest them while at the Observatory and may not take the time to read and digest the Procedures, so a decision has been made to also publish them on this webpage.



[list style=”list-icons”]

[li icon=”icon-file-pdf-o”]General Observatory Procedures[/li]

[li icon=”icon-file-pdf-o”]Organisation of Public Events[/li]

[li icon=”icon-file-pdf-o”]Inspection and Testing of Safety Systems[/li]

[li icon=”icon-file-pdf-o”]Covid Secure Risk Assessment – members use of Observatory[/li]



Appendices – General

[list style=”list-icons”]

[li icon=”icon-file-pdf-o”]Responsibilities of Safety Controllers[/li]

[li icon=”icon-file-pdf-o”]Inspection of the Observatory[/li]



Appendices – Inspection and Testing of Safety Systems

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[li icon=”icon-file-pdf-o”]A – Training Log[/li]

[li icon=”icon-file-pdf-o”]B – Fire Alarm System[/li]

[li icon=”icon-file-pdf-o”]C – Defibrillator & Fire Extinguishers[/li]

[li icon=”icon-file-pdf-o”]D – External Barriers[/li]

[li icon=”icon-file-pdf-o”]E – Circuit Breakers Lecture Room[/li]

[li icon=”icon-file-pdf-o”]F – Circuit Breakers Office[/li]

[li icon=”icon-file-pdf-o”]G – Circuit Breakers Optics Store[/li]

[li icon=”icon-file-pdf-o”]H – Emergency Lighting[/li]

[li icon=”icon-file-pdf-o”]I – Maintenance Reference[/li]




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