Observatory Usage Guidelines

  1. All members visiting the observatory are requested to sign the visitors’ book and to tell visitors from the general public to do the same.
  2. If it is likely that you will be alone at the observatory please ensure someone is aware of your whereabouts and that, if you have one, your mobile phone is fully charged and on your person.
  3. Detailed guidelines on accessing and leaving the observatory are described by MSAS Procedure 8 – ‘How to enter and leave the building safely’. This is displayed in the entrance hall.
  4. Members wishing to use the observatory or telescope unattended MUST ensure that they are fully familiar with the contents of the telescope usage manual and of any changes which have been  made but not yet incorporated within the manual. These changes will be reported in the Society newsletter and will be on the lecture room notice board.
  5. On arrival any obvious signs of damage to the observatory, equipment or grounds must be entered in the observatory log book. If the damage is likely to cause an accident, or further damage, the Observatory Director or other member of the committee MUST be informed immediately.
  6. In the unfortunate event of either yourself or another member or visitor suffering an accident or damage to personal property whilst on Society premises, please ensure that a full report of the facts is made in the accident book and that the Observatory Director or other committee member is informed immediately.
  7. Members visiting the observatory must ensure that the observatory is left clean and tidy at all times. All crockery and utensils used should be properly washed, dried and put away.
  8. All perishable foodstuffs (including milk) and the packaging that they came in should be disposed of in the outside bin only.
  9. Before placing anything in the waste bins please ensure there is a liner inside and that the waste is placed inside that liner. When emptying the waste bins, remove the liner with the enclosed waste and place into the outside bin. Do not empty the waste directly into the outside bin. 
  10. If something needs replacing, e.g. light bulbs, toilet rolls etc…then please replace it yourself. Don’t leave it for the next person to sort out!
  11. Smoking in the observatory is not permitted.
  12. No food or drinks are allowed upstairs in the observatory dome without first completing an observatory risk assessment (see MSAS Procedure 5 ‘How to issue a risk assessment’).
  13. All lights and electrical equipment are to be turned off before leaving the building. Some equipment may need to be left powered up; this equipment will be labelled as such.


April 2017

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